• Candidate for City Council West Anaheim, District 1
    Hi! I'm Orlando Perez! Candidate for City Council West Anaheim, District 1
  • Fighting for a better West Anaheim!
    I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU Fighting for a better West Anaheim!


Outstanding leadership qualities to get the issues resolved.



Focusing on the issues that the community desperately needs. Fighting for a better West Anaheim!



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A little bit about me

Son of Cuban immigrant parents, born and raised in the Los Angeles area from the city of Bell. Lived in Bell for approximately twenty one (21) years, and then relocated to West Anaheim in 1986. Have been living in West Anaheim for thirty (30) years and going strong. While residing in Bell, enjoyed playing sports such as baseball, football, and basketball.

My Profile Overview

Serving you as a Councilman for the beautiful city of West Anaheim, District 1 is an honor to be a part of the City for thirty years. It’s about time that the city has a new city council that will not only foresee greatness but also listen to you, the voters!

I will do my best to make West Anaheim great again by working with police to increase public safety.

Please vote for Orlando Perez in the November 8, 2016 ballot. I will work hard for you to make Anaheim great again!

My mission and vision

I will work hard and listen to the people of West Anaheim to make Anaheim great again!

Public Safety

My Top Priority! Work hard to restore the Anaheim Police and Firefighters due to the economic crisis that occurred in 2008. Will be working closely with each department so that neighborhoods can be more at ease with safety.


Will work with businesses as well as individuals to help bring back the economy as it was once before.


A serious concern and something that needs to be addressed so that the people in West Anaheim feel safe and are able to say that their city is safe

Parks and Recreation

Work with major parks in the West Anaheim area in preventing crimes, utilizing after school programs and make the parks safer.


Keep Anaheim Angels in Anaheim. Possibly have a new football or basketball team in Anaheim. Create better businesses on the four corners of Beach/Ball.


Your Support helps make Anaheim Great again!

A little timeline

With roots based in Anaheim, I feel my time here is well suited to help make our community and town great once again.

  • 1965

    Growing up in Bell, CA for 21 years and then moving to Anaheim in 1986 has given me a great grasp on the local community.

  • 1986

    Having lived in Anaheim for 30 years gives me great introspect on how the city has been run. I plan to help the community grow and prosper and allow for this city to be great yet again.

  • 2003

    World's largest commercial real estate company. Main marketing brokers photographer for all commercial photography.

  • 2013
  • 2015

    In order to know what your community is doing you have to be in touch with all the neighborhoods. Being a realtor has allow me to really see into all…

  • 2016

Some of my achievements

My abilities

I believe that great leadership and an individual with a burning desire to make an impact on this city is what is needed to get things done.


Brought up with a mindset to serve for great good has been the foundation to my life. My grandfather served as Mayor of Artemisa, a Cuban Providence of Pinar Del Rio, and I believe that his genes are what make me who I am today. Not just a leader, but a servant leader.

Serving 95%
Conviction 90%

Knowing who you’re fighting for and being able to serve with conviction is a great quality that we need in this city. Doing what you say is paramount when trying to make changes in Anaheim.

Sincerity 95%
Conviction 90%

While I may not be the most experienced candidate, my courage to stand up for what is right in this city and not be swayed by those in power is key in accomplishing my goals. The political courage needed to make changes comes from a drive which I strive for daily.

Courage 95%
Conviction 90%

Being able to communicate the needs of the city and be in a position to have their voices be heard is what I can bring to the table. Being in the trenches of this city gives me the voice that I wish to bring for the people.

Serving 95%
Conviction 90%

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